Medical Health Advice For Alcoholic Consumption

Social drinking is common nowadays, and this is when alcohol consumption can go over the limit. Many people don’t realize that alcohol is a drug and it is addicting. When the brain becomes so used to alcohol, endorphins are released as a reward system. This is where the addiction starts, you are always craving for the good feeling of endorphins in your system. Research has shown that 51% of adults are regular drinkers who consume 12 drinks in a year.

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Although a lot of these drinkers know how to control their drinking some turn out to become alcoholics. One Medical gives us some medical health advice for alcoholic consumption. Following these tips can help you achieve healthy drinking habits, for example one glass of good wine several times a week.

1. Put food in your stomach before drinking
Most people forget to eat before they drink. Drinkers love to consume tons of fried foods when they drink like fries and onion rings. Why not try out a healthier alternative like pita bread and salad? A veggie platter would not hurt as well.

Order a regular meal before you drink to avoid eating a lot of unwanted calories while you are drinking. If you can make it with just an appetizer, then it would be better.

2. Get Some Rest Before and After
Doctors don’t advise us to drink if you lack sleep or after working out. If you spend a night of drinking alcohol, you should make sure that you get a good amount of sleep the day after.

Alcohol can lower blood sugar levels and drinking after a workout or on an empty stomach can further deplete those levels.

3. Consume water while drinking
You should take into consideration the location where you drink. Places that cause you to sweat more like crowded bars and pubs may further increase dehydration. Alcohol causes us to displace more water and just losing 1% of your body weight can make you dehydrated already.

Staying hydrated while drinking is essential, losing too much water can cause headaches and brain impairment. Try to limit your alcohol intake and order a glass of lemon water in between drinks. Doing this will give you a feeling of fullness and keep you from going overboard with your consumption of booze.

You would be better off by avoiding the mixed drinks which are loaded with calories. Vodka soda is a better choice over those non-satiating drinks.

4. Choose Your Drinks
If you want to avoid a hangover the next day, you should stay away from dark liquids like bourbon and whiskey. Sticking with vodka and other clear liquids are your best bet in being hangover free.

Studies have shown that drinks containing the largest amount of congeners result in more hangovers. Congeners are naturally occurring by-products of fermenting and distilling that can be seen in dark-colored alcoholic drinks.

Red or white wine is a good choice which gives you fewer calories at 120 per glass. Wine takes longer to drink, and it contains antioxidants which are good for our bodies.

5. Drink In Moderation
You need to control your alcohol intake. Drinking over four drinks for women and more than five drinks for men is already considered binge drinking.

The recommended intake of alcohol is one drink for women and two for men. The best way to do this is to drink water in between drinks.

Some drinks have a lower alcohol content like wine, beer, and spritzers. Choose these types over hard liquor. Pace yourself when drinking and stick to your limit. Don’t over consume even when you tend to do so when you are having a good time.

Eat healthily and take a break from alcohol by resting a lot.

Social drinking is ok as long as you keep everything in moderation. What you need to avoid is becoming addicted to alcohol and becoming an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a disease that can cause significant problems for you and your family. Preventing it is always better than having to treat it.

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