Asthma Causes And Management

There has been an alarming increase in the number of people with asthma. There are an estimated 25 million Americans who suffer from this condition and unfortunately there is no cure.

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We can only manage this and make it more bearable for those who are living with asthma. We take a look at what asthma causes are and share how we can live a normal life despite having it. We can use medical tourism because rest is an absolute health benefit!


Causes Of Asthma

Asthma usually develops during childhood, but it can appear at any age. There are no specific causes that we can pinpoint as to why some people get asthma and why some people don’t. It can be due to both genetic and environmental factors. Those who have allergies has a high chance of getting the condition. It has also been observed that boys are more prone to asthma than girls, but when you look at adult women have it more than the men.


There are occupational hazards that may cause someone to get asthma as an adult. Workers who are exposed to breathing in chemicals or dust are likely to develop this condition. This is common for those in farming, hair salons and manufacturing.


According to research, those who smoke are more likely to get asthma. This would include those who are exposed to secondhand smoke as well. Children who have parents who smoke have a higher chance to get asthma earlier than usual.


Forty percent of adults with asthma are either obese or overweight. There is no direct link, however that can prove that being obese can cause asthma.


Children who have a parent or a sibling with asthma is also prone to having the condition as well.


Causes Of Asthma Attack


There are certain asthma triggers that can cause an asthma attack and this may vary from person to person. We show a list below of what these triggers may be:


-Pollen, dust mites, spores, cockroach waste, and other airborne substances

-Respiratory infections like the common cold

-Physical activity or exercise induced asthma

-Medications like aspirin, ibuprofen and beta blockers

-Air pollutants like smoke, chemical fumes and hair spray

-Cold air


-GERD ( Gastroesophageal reflux disease)

-Sulfites and preservatives found in some food types

-Food such as peanuts, eggs and fish

-Pet dander or dead skin cells from your pet that can be inhaled

-Weather especially in very dry and humid conditions


Diagnosis Of Asthma

A patient will be asked to go through a lung test known as a spirometry to determine how much air you can breathe in and out. Test results will help in determining if you have asthma or not.


Asthma Management

People with asthma can still live normal lives with the proper management of the condition. With the proper knowledge about the triggers and working in tandem with your doctor one can get rid of most of their symptoms. Daily medications should be listed plus a step by step on what to do when you have an attack.


The best defense against asthma attacks is avoiding your triggers. Keep surroundings clean in the home or workplace and stay indoors if there is any hint of airborne triggers that are reported in the news.


For those who are exposed to triggers due to work environment may be it’s time to consider looking for another job. If this cannot be done, then better to wear protective wear like masks to help in preventing triggers in the workplace.


Allergy shots can also help, especially if you are prone to allergens that trigger asthma attacks. If you have seasonal allergy like hay fever, then it would be best to have the shots just before spring season begins.  Better consult your doctor on how to administer these shots.

Long term medication may be needed as it is nearly impossible for a person to avoid all triggers at all times. For severe cases, there is a need to take medication daily to prevent asthma attacks. This is good because we know that there can be asthma attacks that can be fatal.


There are now rescue inhalers that you can avail that gives instant relief when one is experiencing an asthma attack. These have drugs that help to relax tight muscles in your airways in an instant. A life saver when a hospital is far from where you are.

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